Lemonbalm is one of my favorite herbs for tea.  It’s light citrus taste is so refreshing in the heat of the summer.  But it’s more than a good taste!  It has a wide range of soothing  properties with very few complications (except for a possible interaction with thyroid medications, solemonbalm avoid lemonbalm if you take those).

Lemonbalm’s role is in the interface of the digestive and nervous systems.  It is a well-documented carminative herb, meaning that it helps with digestion as well as digestive cramps and flatulence.  Furthermore, it is restorative to the nervous system, helping with anxiety, insomnia and headaches associated with tension.  It is also antiviral, preventing and treating the flu and other viral infections.

But don’t get bogged down with the details- try it once and you’ll be convinced!

Lemonbalm Lemonade

1/4 cup chopped lemonbalm

1L boiling water

1/4 cup honey, or to taste


Chop lemonbalm leaves and stems and place in a 1L mason jar or other large bottle. Heat water to just under the boiling point and pour over herbs.  Let infuse for 10-15 minutes and strain out herb.  Add honey, mixing well to allow it to fully dissolve.  Let cool to room temperature, then add ice cubes or place in fridge.

Variation: You can also drink this infusion warm to relax before bed.  Just start sipping after the 10-15 minute infusion.