The Farm

Maple Road

Our farm is a 114-acre feudal lot, that is to say, long and skinny.  It is about half forested in mixed cedar and hardwood stands.  The remaining land is in pasture, divided into small fields by tree lines and windbreaks.  Our animals graze these luxuriant fields on a rotational basis, allowing the pasture to fully recover before they return. Deer, groundhogs, wild turkeys and raccoons abound as well, but unfortunately they sometimes prefer our veggies to the surrounding pastures.


We currently cultivate approximately 5 acres of vegetables each season, which allows for long rotations to replenish the land between productive seasons.  Our soil is a clay-loam, which makes drainage one of our biggest challenges.  Although it is still rocky, the boulders that line our fields indicate that many farmers have done a lot of work over the past centuries.


Our beautiful pond provides for our swimming and irrigation needs, and is also a home for frogs, herons and even a family of beavers!