Organic Eggs

All ecosystems involve complex webs of animals, plants, and many other forms of life. Our farm is no different, and our animals are an important part of the ecological balance we try to nurture here. All of our animals live out their lives on pasture, using a permaculture-inspired rotational grazing system and are fed with organic grains.

Our eggs are available as part of our weekly baskets through our CSA program and in the winter through Bio locaux: a collective of organic farmers all members of the coop CAPÉ and part of Équiterre’s network of family farmers putting their efforts in common to offer you the best product from their lands, in summer as in winter.


Our chickens share their pasture with our small herd of dairy cows (can we call two cows a heard?). There are many examples of natural grassland systems where grazing animals and birds live symbiotically. The biggest benefit we see is a reduction in the fly population and fast incorporation of the cow manure in the field. Fly’s love cow manure and chickens love fly maggots. So shortly after the manure is laid, the flies lay eggs and the chickens devour the maggots. In the process spreading the manure so it can more quickly be incorporated into the soil and benefit the grass production, benefiting the cows and starting the process over again.

Fresh eggs