Get Involved!

maison de la familleThere are many ways to get involved in the farm, and we do hope you will!

  • Become a CSA vegetable basket partner: CSA partners are a special and foundational part of the farm.  We get to know them through weekly deliveries and newsletters during 8-months of the year, as well as inviting them to all of our on-farm activities.  At our annual partners’ meeting, we explore ways to deepen our relationship and allow the farmers to better meet partners’ needs.
  • Participate in our monthly on-farm activities: Check out our calendar here!  All are welcome! Please RSVP in advance at !
  • Come work with us for a day, a week, a month: Your volunteer work allows us to keep production costs down, making our products more financially accessible, as well as provides a great way for both farmer and volunteer to learn from each other.
  • Wwoof with us for a few weeks, or more!  Depending on the season, we can offer room and board in exchange for a certain number of hours worked per week.  Get in touch with us to work out the details.
  • Join the cooperative! We’re actively looking for new workers to join the team.  For all the details consult our recruitment announcement. 

    Download (PDF, 150KB)


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