Newsletter # 8: Week of August 5th

Basket Contents: New potatoes, carrots, kohlrabi, pac choi, cherry tomatoes, lettuce, beans, fennel, cucumbers, cilantro

Recipe of the week: Apple Fennel Salad

August is upon us!  Probably for some of us that means construction holidays, fewer mosquitoes, cooler nights, or a whole slew of other things.  For us on the farm, it’s when we start looking ahead, even as this season is in full swing, to next year’s production plan.  This is the time of year when we begin to prepare our fallow fields for next year, a multi-step process.

First of all, weIMG371 mow the buckwheat green manure that has just started to flower.  We planted it in early July to quickly cover the bare field and thus prevent weed growth, as well as adding precious organic matter to the soil.  Next we spread manure and incorporate both into the soil.  The final step is seeding another green manure- this time either oats (for early plantings as it dies over winter) or rye and vetch (for later plantings as it will regrow in the spring). Last week we completed this process on one section of our fields, and will continue with the others this week, hoping for good growth before winter frosts arrive.  We hope you’ll all be with us again next year to see how the veggies enjoy their garden beds!