Newsletter #6: Week of July 22nd

Basket contents: choice of snap or snow peas, choice of cauliflower or broccoli, bunching onions, green beans, choice of Hakurei turnips or radish, zucchini, cucumbers, basil, lettuce

Recipe of the week: Vegetable Biryani

Thinking ahead: Canning and freezing vegetables!

Every year, we farmers like to can and freeze lots of vegetables so that we can enjoy the summer harvest all year long!  Last year, we heard from some of our basket partners that they would like to do the same thing!  So we decided to plan on some extras this summer, in case our basket partners wanted to order extras for their own canning and freezing.  And now is the time to order!!!

Here is how it works: We give you a list of what we will have available, approximately when it will be available and the price.  You then order the quantity you would like for the date you would like it (we will bring it to your drop-off or you can pick it up on the farm if you prefer).  We will confirm your order with you, as it may not always be possible to satisfy all quantities for all dates (we will have to spread out the orders throughout the season.)

Vegetable Information When available Price
Paste or Roma tomatoes for canning or freezing or drying (varieties Amish paste and San Marzano) Mid-August to end of September $20 for 20lbs
Tomatoes Large tomatoes with good flavour for sauces, etc. Mid-August to end of September $20 for 20lbs
Cucumbers pickling cucumbers for making great pickles! NOW till September $20 for 20lbs
Zucchinis for freezing or for soups, etc. NOW till September $15 for 20lbs

Basil                             for pesto                      NOW till September    $6 per pound

 We will also have other vegetables for purchase in bulk that we will announce in the newsletter each week.  Possibilities include garlic braids, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, peppers, eggplant, etc.  For these items, we will need your orders as soon as possible after you receive the newsletter, as they are often in abundance for only a short time.


We do not grow apples (not yet at least!) but a small producer in St-Joseph du Lac has contacted us to help harvest her apples that she doesn’t have a market for.  Her orchard has been organic (but uncertified) for the past 27 years.  We will be going to harvest yellow summer apples (a heritage variety) on July 27th for our own consumption and we would like to offer some for sale to our partners as well.  This variety are not the most beautiful and do not store long for fresh eating, but they are great for pies, applesauce, etc.  There will be other varieties available later on in the season as well.  If you would like to order some yellow summer apples, please let us know by July 26th and we will bring them to your drop-off the following week.  The price is 75 cents a pound, in quantities of at least 10lbs.

In addition, we can bring 2-3 people to harvest with us, so if you would like to join us on the 27th at her orchard, let us know fast!  First come, first serve (email

Canning Workshop

Just a little note, we will also be holding a canning workshop on August 24th, on the farm, for those who would like to gain more experience in putting up food for the winter.  More info on this to come!

We wish everyone a wonderful week of abundant veggies!!!