Summer baskets 2014: Newsletter #1

Basket contents: Lettuce, pac choi, kale, spinach, carrots, cilantro, kohlrabi, choice of pea shoots or arugula, choice of potatoes or peas

Recipe of the week: Kohlrabi with peas and potatoes

Hooray for the beginning of a new season together!  This is our first summer basket of the year, and we are so glad to share our first major harvest with you.  This has been a long time coming- we prepared the fields for this basket last August, started planning its contents in October, seeding the crops for this basket in the greenhouse in February, planting out the fields in April and have been watching your crops slowly take hold for months now.  We hope that you are as excited as us for more fresh, local, organic and well-loved veggies in your lives.

Things are going well on the farm.  The weather this spring has been particularly cool and wet, and the veggies are growing at a slower pace than usual, but they are generally in great shape.  The deer have given us a much appreciated reprieve so far this year, although wild turkeys are now a common sight (but they do much less damage!).  This year we have expanded and diversified our meat production, and the baby calves, piglets, turkeys and kittens (ok, they’re not for meat, just for cuteness) are helping to shape the character of the farm.  We hope you will all get the chance to come out at some point during the season.  You can consult our Calendar of Activities to know the dates of all of our monthly on-farm activities.
Many of you are returning partners, and you already know the ropes.  But for partners who will come to a drop-off for the first time this week, here are a few reminders:
What to bring to drop off
At the drop off, you will be given your vegetables in “bulk.” In other words, we do not provide a container to bring your vegetables home in.  We do provide small plastic bags for certain small items (like peas, cherry tomatoes, etc) but we welcome you to bring your own plastic bags so as to reduce our dependence on plastic!  Feel free to bring your bags back for us to re-use as well.  And please make sure to bring something to carry all your veggies home in!  (examples: reusable shopping bags, a box, a bike bag, etc!)
Exchange Bin
At every drop off, we will have an exchange bin at the end of the table.  If you do not like or do not wish to take a certain item, please place the unwanted item in the exchange bin and take something else instead!
Credit system for complementary products
This year, we will again have some complementary products to sell at drop-offs, such as teas, cookies, eggs and other surprises!  We will use a credit system to avoid any cash transactions on site.  Therefore, at each drop-off you will have the option to take any products you wish.  We will note what you take, and will send you a bill once at the end of the season.  So you don’t even have to remember to bring cash!  Hoorah!
We can collect your household food waste to add to our farm compost pile.  If you wish, please bring your compost in a container that you can empty into a plastic bin that will be located on the ground at the end of the tables.