Castle CakeJenna loves making cakes, the fancier the better.  In 2010 she joined the West Island Cake Club and started attending workshops to improve her caking. Now,the cakes don’t just taste great, they look great too.  The most popular flavor is the all local, naturally sweetened, maple cake with maple buttercream.  The honey cake and the salty chocolate buttercream are also popular.   Let Jenna create a cake centerpiece for your next event.  Email her directly at

She also has been perfecting her cookie skills for over a decade.  Her top selling cookies are the ‘Cowboy Cookies’, a hearty cookie full of goodness and the ‘Classic Chocolate Chip’ a soft, melt in your mouth cookie that is hard to beat.   You can now add a 6-pack of either of these cookies to your CSA veggie basket, for just $5 a week.  We try to source the best ingredients possible and use organic flours, sugar, chocolate (fair trade too), milk, sunflower oil and eggs straight from the hen house.

A few more cakes:

Thomas the truck Autumn leaves Skyline Cake Bateau Pirate