2014 Summer Baskets- Newsletter No. 6

This week’s newsletter brings you news from Rachelle, our seasonal intern who is in her final week here with us.  Her lovely personality and field help will be largely missed!

Word from our Intern

Some of you have met me, and some lucky ones even got their basket from my hands. In this final week of my internship (I must soon return to Victoriaville CEGEP to start my second year), I wanted to tell you a little about my experience on the farm. During my ten weeks, I have not only worked on my tan and dirtied my hands and nails – but I have also developed skills that will serve me all my life. In the fields, I refined my technique in transplanting and gained speed weeding. Tractors now have fewer secrets for me – I had the chance to use the shiny disc harrow several times to destroy a fallow field. My only regret not having used the cute Allis-Chalmers!

But what I’m most proud of at the end of my internship is to have developed my sense of observation, my speed and – most importantly – my manual side. During my sessions with Jenna, I have learned to change tires on a car, make a change of oil and refined my technique welding. One might think that knowledge of these things has nothing to do with agriculture, but on the contrary! I see agriculture as a whole. In my view, farmers not be experts at any one thing in particular, but “pretty good” in basically everything. Be versatile!

As I said, I return soon on the classroom. My experience at La ferme coop aux champs qui chantent with wonderfully knowledgeable  Eby, Heather and Jenna definitely help me to make connections with the material that awaits me in the second year. I end this newsletter by wishing you a good rest of the season – delicious vegetables I weeded lovingly for you!