Winter Basket #1

Basket contents:  Acorn squash, parsley, mesclun, choice of Swiss chard or kale, carrots (Bolero), celeriac, leeks, onions (Calibra), potatoes (Estima), choice of baby Hakurei turnips or Purple Top storage turnips, Chinese cabbage, Brussels sprouts, peppers, tomatoes ***the name in parentheses refers to the variety***

Recipe: Bounty Rice with Chinese Cabbage

Welcome back to the farm!  I hope in our week off you had a chance to empty your fridge of any lingering summer veggies, because here we go already with the first winter basket!

A few reminders as we get started with another season:

  • Please bring couple large, reusable bags or boxes to the drop-off each week to transfer your veggies into.  You don’t actually get to take the basket home with you, just its contents!
  • Unlike in the summer season when we often off veggies in bulk formats, all veggies will be pre-packed in the winter (it will get chilly and we don’t want you to freeze your fingers!).  However, we’d love you to bring back your empty bags each week so that we can refill them for you in weeks to come.  We really try to limit our plastic output as much as possible and appreciate your help.
  • We invite you to bring us your kitchen waste, which we will compost on the farm, returning them to their source and coming closer to closing the cycle of nutrients on the farm.  Egg shells, bread, pasta and veggie scraps are all good, but please no bags or elastics.  You can dump your compostables directly into a bin we’ll have out for just that.

You will note that in the basket content list this week we include the varieties of certain crops.  We decided to include this information where relevant to help you appreciate the diversity available in even the most common crops.  For example, we are planning to give you potatoes in each winter basket, but each week will be a different variety.  Some varieties of potatoes are better for baking, while others are best boiled or fried.  In sharing which variety you’re getting, we hope you’ll grow to recognize the subtle differences and be able to make the best use of your basket contents.

So here’s a bit of info about the varieties you’ll receive this week:

Potatoes: Estima is a ready mid-season, with yellow flesh and brown skin.  It is good for all types of cooking techniques.
Carrots: Bolero is a Nantes-type carrot.  It has medium-long roots which taste better and better as they are stored.
Onions: Calibra is a Spanish-type onion that stores well with a sweet and mild flavour that sweetens in storage.  Some say it tastes best in March, after 6 months of storage!