We will be doing a one-time drop-off in Montreal and St-Eustache to sell eggs, cookies and few surplus vegetables on February 4th, 2014.

Montréal: 120 Duluth est


St-Eustache: Pilates et Plus, 480 Grande cote


(if these times do not work for you, please let us know)

Available products:

Eggs: $6.00/dz Sold out!

Cookies (Farmer, Chocolate Chip, Pumpkin or Birds nest, please specify which flavour)  $5.00 per bag of 6 cookies

Teas (Calm, Focus) $6.00 per bag

Carotts (minimum 2lbs) : $1.50/lb

Potatoes (minimum 2lbs) : $1.50/lb

Onions (minimum 2lbs) : $1.50/lb

Parsnips (minimum 1lb) : $2.50/lb

Celeriac (minimum 1lb) : $2.00/lb

Beets (minimum 2lbs): $1.50/lb

Cabbage : Price depends on size, between $2-3 per head Sold Out

THIS JUST IN: Home-made pork sausages from Chef Charlie!  Jalapeno-flavoured, and other varieties may be available!  $12/lb (comes in packages of approximately 1lb).

We have limited quantities!  So don’t wait to send in your orders of quantities of each item to Eby at eby@fermeauxhcmapsquichantent.com and she will confirm what is available.