Newsletter #9: Week of August 12th

Basket contents: Cabbage, carrots, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, green pepper, lettuce, melon, onions or eggplant, tomatoes, zucchinis

Recipe of the week: Cucumber Smoothie


This week, we bring you news from the four-legged part of our farm: our calves!  Our 8 lovely calves live in the pasture just in front of our house, so we can admire them each day!  We purchase the calves when they are 3-5 weeks old from neighbouring dairy farms.  On a dairy farm, the male calves are not kept for production, and therefore are often sold at auction and end up in large-scale, conventional veal production facilities.  Instead, we buy them and give them a life outside with their pals!  We give them milk for the first two months of their lives and for their entire lives they have access to green grass and dry hay.

This year, we have decided to not give them any grain supplements, because ultimately they are herbivores that are adapted to eating mostly grass and we find it a bit ridiculous to give grain just to increase the weight of the animal.  It means we may have a bit less meat at the end of the year, but we know it will be good meat!  We rotate the calves on the pasture, to insure that they always have access to lots of fresh, green grass and also to insure we maintain our pastures in good condition.  To read more about our veal production, see this page.

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask Jenna at drop-off or send her an email at

This year, we are selling our veal as quarters, which represents about 55-75 lbs of meat.  The quarters are butchered into pieces of approximately 1-3lbs, which includes about 10lbs of ground meat, several roasts, steaks, and other cuts.  The pieces come vacuum-sealed and frozen.  We are selling the quarters at $7.00 per pound, therefore a quarter comes to between $400 and $525.  We are taking orders for the quarters starting now, until we run out!  If you feel that a quarter is too much for your personal consumption, and you can’t find a friend to share with you, please communicate with us and we will try to find you a buddy to share the quarter with.  To place your order, please email