Newsletter 3: Week of July 1st

Hello partners!

Basket contents:Mesclun, lettuce, spinach, pac choi, hakurei turnips, radish, choice of arugula or fennel, cucumber, choice of radicchio or garlic scapes, choice of sage or marjoram.

Recipe of the week: Roasted Hakurei Turnips with Israeli Couscous

I hope that you’ve been enjoying your first weeks of fresh veggies from the farm!  In this week’s newsletter, I would introduce you to the team behind your veggies.  As you probably know, we run the farm as a workers’ cooperative, which means that all employees are also owners of the business, and share in the management of the farm.  We currently have three members of the cooperative, who founded the farm together in 2012.

Jenna_tractorJenna works with the greenhouse crops and cares for the calves and chickens. She also does the tractor work in the fields, and maintains our equipment and infrastructure. Jenna is also the one behind those delicious cookies available at drop-offs each week, and bakes artistic cakes to order.  You will mostly see Jenna at St-Eustache drop-offs.

IMG259Eby manages our marketing and finances and coordinates the CSA partners.  She also helps with biweekly harvests and general crop maintenance (planting, weeding, pruning, etc.).  You will mostly see Eby at the farm and St-Eustache drop-offs.

Heather is the third member of the cooperative.  She coordinates IMG_5354the production of the wide range of field crops, from planting to harvesting, weeding to pest management.  She also produces the tasty and healthful teas available at drop-offs each week.  You will mostly see Heather at the Montreal drop-offs.

Charlie lives and works on the farm, but in a separate, yet comopen-house-food-2013plimentary business: Les cuisines aux champs qui chantent.  He is the professional cook who brought you last week’s focaccia and salad dressings, and will continue to provide little extras at the drop-offs.  He is also Heathers’ partner, and provides occasional field support.

Additionally, we were lucky to have two interns for between 1-4 days a week during the months of May and June.  Melanie and Anais were students at CFAM, an agricultural college in Mirabel, and provided valuable helping hands as we got the garden rolling this spring.

That’s us!  Along with the abundant rain and occasional, but oh so appreciated sunshine, we are the team behind your veggies.  We look forward to continue to get to know you throughout the season.