Meat Shares

All ecosystems involve complex webs of animals, plants, and many other forms of life. Our farm is no different, and our animals are an important part of the ecological balance we try to nurture here.  All of our animals (veal calves, pigs and laying hens) live out their lives on pasture, using a permaculture-inspired rotational grazing system. For more information about our animal-rearing techniques, please consult our Pork page!

Although the meat won’t be available until the fall, we prefer to receive orders in advance so that we can adapt our production to demand, as well as receive funds upfront to help pay for the expenses of raising the animals.  To order a meat share, please fill out the registration form, found here.

 Pricing for Meat Shares
Format Includes Total price When available
10 lbs 2 lbs ground pork, 2 lbs pork chops (6 to 8 pieces), 1,5 lbs ham, 1,5 lbs bacon (2 packs), 2 lbs sausages (3 packs of 3 sausages) and 1 lb of osso busso or ribs. Spring or Fall. Limited quantity
30 lbs box Mix of roasts, pork chops, stewing cubes, ground pork, and ribs. Possibility to include up to 5 lbs of bacon, 5 lbs of sausages and 5 lbs of hams for an extra of 3$ per pound added. $300 Spring or Fall. Limited quantity
Stewing Hen ~3 lbs. Perfect if you want to make your own homemade chicken stock. The meat is also really good in chicken salad or pies. $12 Now

* All meat comes frozen.