Newsletter: May 2014

First annual Partner Visioning meeting

Partner meeting

Thank you to all of our partners who came out on April 12th to share some great ideas for the future.  After we presented a little bit about the farm (see the pdf below) we asked everyone to brainstorm with us on two main questions:

1)      How would you like to be involved with our farm?  How can we improve our relationship with you?

2)      What can we do to make the food we produce and our farm itself more accessible?

The suggestions we received ranged across these two questions, here are some of them, divided into things we have decided to change right now, and things we will look into for the future.

Things we will do right now or are doing already:

  • Publicize the fact that partners can add multiple emails per basket registration, so that more than one member of a household can receive the newsletter.  (send your email address if you want to be added to the newsletter list!)
  • Print off a few copies of the newsletter in English and French to have at the drop-off.
  • Continue to include information about varieties in the newsletter.
  • Provide more information via Facebook.
  • Provide a newsletter throughout the year, not just the basket season.  (This is the first newsletter of its kind!  We hope to keep up monthly newsletters next winter!)
  • Continue to offer organized carpooling to the farm for on-farm activities.
  • Continue to offer lots of choice in the basket.
  • Expand connections with community organizations.

Things we will look into in the future:

  • Deliveries!  Maybe by bike in Montreal?
  • Find a place to leave baskets for people who cannot make the drop-off time.
  • Make a documentary about the farm!
  • Find even more ways to have partners involved with the production on farm and at drop-off points.
  • Offer meat in smaller quantities.
  • Offer more complementary products at drop-offs.

There were lots of other ideas tossed around on April 12th, and it has given us good food for thought.  Thank you to everyone who came out to share ideas.  And for those of you who missed it, your next opportunity to come out to the farm is June 14th, for our Open House!  We hope to see you all!

Download (PDF, 3.97MB)