Newsletter # 16: Week of Sept 30th

Basket contents: Carrots, onions, choice of baby pac choi or Swiss chard, potatoes, pumpkin, tomatoes, choice of leeks or beets, lettuce, parsley, ground cherries

Recipe of the week: Elegant Oven-Poached Fish

This week we thought images could tell the story better than words!

IMG405With Steve Heller, farm-helper extraordinaire (and also Eby’s father!), we brought in the final load of pumpkins, and squash a couple of weeks ago.  You’ve been getting pie pumpkins in your baskets, but we also have large pumpkins for carving, sold for $10-$20 at drop-offs.  And we also did a test patch of shell-less seed pumpkins, to try to supply our own seeds for those famous ‘cowboy’ cookies.

It was pouring rain during the hOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAarvest party, but most of the two dozen farm partners and friends who came out to help in the afternoon stayed dry in the greenhouse, cleaning, sorting and packing onions.  In total, this year we harvested, and processed over 1600 pounds of onions!


In addition to cleaning onions, a greenhouse team was dispatched to pull out most of the tomato plants from the greenhouse, prepare the soil, and seed those hardy greens that will add freshness to the winter baskets in the months to come.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Here’s Andrea working hard at preparing the soil.  Seems like we didn’t exhaust her, though, as she was able to stay up to play violin with us as part of our music jam in the barn loft afterwards.  Thanks to everyone who played music with us!  So fun!

Also a big thanks to ‘team carrot’, who harvested and washed almost 500 pounds of carrots in the rain! (We didn’t stop long enough to take pictures…)  If anyone wants to come out for more, we still have about 5000 lbs waiting in the field…


I added this recent photo just because it is so, well, picturesque.  Our eight little calves are rotated across this pasture every 2 days, keeping them on the best possible grass, and also keeping the grass in good shape.