Newsletter # 11: Week of August 26th

Basket contents: Cherry tomatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, melon, choice of cabbage or tomatilloes, broccoli, lettuce, basil, beans

Recipe of the week: Chunky Tomatillo Salsa

As you can see, the summer crops have exploded!  Despite our complaints about the cool, wet spring, it seems that it has become a very productive season for us.  I hope you’re not getting sick of the cherry tomatoes- really, I wanted to give you less this week, but the production doubled behind our backs!  As the crops come to maturity, we have less and less planting, seeding and weeding to do, but all of our free time is now filled up with harvesting.

These abundant times feel great, because it allows us to share the harvest (beyond what our CSA partners will accept!) with community organizations.  Café Partage is an organization in Lachute working to improve food security of the community through popular education and collective buying groups.  We are able to offer them a reduced rate for our veggies thanks to the donations we’ve received from supportive CSA partners, in solidarity with those unable to access the good quality food we all deserve.  And additionally, in times of abundance, we invite them to come harvest their own veggies to take home free of charge.  For more information about Café Partage or their activities: or 450-562-0987.

Logo-Ecocert-Also, this week we’re able to share great news with you!  We’ve (finally) gotten our full organic certification after over a year in the ‘pre-certification’ stage!  Each new farm that starts out needs to have this initial year, following the same organic rules, and getting inspecting just as for full certification, as a sort of trial.  After our second regular inspection this summer, we’ve been able to prove that we do follow the many specification for organic production, and can now publicly state that our veggies and teas are all certified organic.  We thank you for your vote of confidence in us and in our veggies before having the proof of the Ecocert label!