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Fall Baskets

This year we are changing our Fall Basket schedules. For Plateau Mont-Royal and St-Eustache, we are offering a single $50 Fall Basket delivered on the week of October 23rd. To get this Fall Basket, please select it as an option while registering to your Summer Basket. At the farm, we will offer the same schedule as last year; 4 Bi-Weekly Fall Baskets of a value of $40 each. Our Fall Basket are big and filled with a nice diversity of…

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Paniers d’automne

Cette année nous changeons nous formule de panier d’automne. Pour les points de livraison du Plateau Mont-Royal et de St-Eustache, nous offrirons un panier unique de 50$ livré à la fin de la saison, la semaine du 23 octobre. Pour le point de livraison à la ferme, nous offrons la même formule que l’année dernière, c’est-à-dire 4 paniers de 40$ livrés à chaque deux semaines. Nos paniers d’automne sont bien garnis avec une belle diversité de légumes de conservation et…

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What is CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a growing movement in Quebec and across the world.  It is an innovative model in which customers become partners in the farm, overcoming the conventional separation between producer and consumer.  At the beginning of the season, consumers invest in a share of the vegetable harvest to be delivered for a set number of weeks.  Producers deliver weekly baskets of varied vegetables throughout the season to central drop-off locations. Consumers benefit by receiving local organic vegetables…

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