2014 Summer basket #17

Basket contents: Spaghetti squash, peppers, mesclun, choice of Chinese cabbage or kale, carrots, leeks, choice of fennel or celery, choice of parsnips or Brussels sprouts, potatoes.

Recipe of the week: Million-dollar Chinese Cabbage Salad

In this week’s newsletter the tables have turned!  Every other week of the season this newsletter is about us sharing information, ideas, stories with you, but this week is the reverse.  We’re going to keep it short and encourage you to instead to fill out of end-of-season survey!  This is so important to us, because as I feel like we keep repeating, we want to do more than just sell you vegetables- we want to produce food for you, with you as involved as you want to be, and according to your preferences.  So go fill it out!  It’s only 10 questions long and available here.