Fall Baskets

This year we are changing our Fall Basket schedules. For Plateau Mont-Royal and St-Eustache, we are offering a single $50 Fall Basket delivered on the week of October 23rd. To get this Fall Basket, please select it as an option while registering to your Summer Basket. At the farm, we will offer the same schedule as last year; 4 Bi-Weekly Fall Baskets of a value of $40 each.

Our Fall Basket are big and filled with a nice diversity of storage vegetables and greens from our unheated greenhouse. This is your chance to make some reserves for the winter!

Registration for Fall Basket 2017 is now opened! Register here!

Drop-off locations (fall 2015): 

The delivery hours might slightly change before the beginning of Fall Baskets. We’ll let you know if that’s the case.

St-EustacheVerdures serre

177 rue St-Louis (gym parking lot), Thursday October 26th, from 4pm to 6:30pm

Plateau Mont-Royal (Montreal)
120 Duluth East (corner de Bullion), Tuesday October 24th, from 4:30pm to 7:30pm

At the farm – Brownsburg-Chatham
398, route du Canton (on the farm), Thursdays (as of 4pm) or anytime during the next 7 days, November 2nd, November 16th, November 30th and December 14th

Fall Baskets 2017
Location Nb. of
Price Delivery Dates
Plateau and St-Eustache 1 50$ Week of October 23rd
At the farm 4 178$* Nov. 2nd, Nov. 16th, Nov. 30th and Dec. 14th

*Includes 18$ contribution to Equiterre CSA network.

For more information about our extra options, our solidarity baskets and payment details, please visit this page.

Example of Winter Basket (40$) delivered at the farm*
Crop Unit Price Quantity
Squash, winter Fruit  $    4.00 2
Parsley Bunch  $    2.00 1
Mesclun 150g  $    3.50 1
Beets, storage 3 lbs  $    4.50 1
Carrots, storage 3 lbs  $    4.50 1
Celeriac Head  $    2.50 1
Onions, storage 2 lbs  $    3.00 1.5
Potatoes Pound  $    1.50 3
Rutabaga Unit  $    3.00 1
Kohlrabi Head  $    1.50 1
Pesto  $    5.00 1
Totals  $   43.50

*The Fall Basket delivered at Plateau Mont-Royal and St-Eustache will be bigger to meet a $50 to $55 value.