Summer Baskets

Our Summer Baskets season runs for 18 weeks, from mid-June until end of October. And there’s not only vegetables! We also offer egg shares, kale shares, certified organic pastured pork and stewing hens (more information about our pork here). You can also extend the season by registering to our Spring Baskets and our Fall Baskets. Join our farming community and become a partner of the farm!

Register here! 

Drop-off locations:

Plateau Mont-Royal (Montreal)

120, Rue Duluth East (corner de Bullion)
Tuesday 4:30pm – 7:30pm


177, rue Saint-Louis (gym parking lot)
Thursday 4:00pm – 6:30pm

At the farm – Brownsburg-Chatham

398, route du Canton (on the farm)
Thursday, 4pm – 6pm or anytime during the following week!

Details for veggie shares

While filling your registration form, you can decide to register for the whole season (Spring Baskets, Summer Baskets and Fall Baskets) or only for Summer Baskets. You can either fill 3 different forms for each season or select the Spring Baskets and Fall Baskets extra options in the Summer Baskets registration form. You’ll find our prices and schedules below. Please take note that you’ll find more sizes options on the registration form; you can also subscribe for a double basket every week or for succession of a regular basket/double basket.

Spring Baskets – June 6th to June 15th
Size Nb. of
2 à 3 persons
2 $30
1 à 2 persons
1 $15
Summer Baskets – June 20th to October 19th 
Size Nb. of
Price *
2 à 3 persons
18 $504
1 à 2 persons
9 $261

* Includes 18$ contribution to Equiterre CSA network.

Fall Baskets (More details here)
Location Nb. of
Price Delivery Dates
Plateau and St-Eustache 1 50$ Week of October 23rd
At the farm 4 178$* Nov. 2nd, Nov. 16th, Nov. 30th and Dec. 14th

*Includes 18$ contribution to Equiterre CSA network.

Extra Options 

Solidarity baskets are available at up to 50% of the regular cost! And flexible payment is fine by us! Let us know what is easier for you. If you’d like to be considered for a subsidized basket, please contact us directly at before filling a registration form or, register and mention your request in the comments section. If you wish to make a donation please select the option “1 solidarity basket”, “2 solidarity baskets” or “3 solidarity baskets” while filling your form. More information about our solidarity program here!

Egg shares and Kale shares! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAn egg share will keep you in a steady supply of fresh eggs from our free-range chickens, fed with organic grains.  Eggs are priced at $7/dozen and can be ordered for weekly or biweekly pick-up.

Similar to egg shares, you can add a bunch of kale to you baskets either each week or every other week.  Kale shares will only be available 14 out of the 18 weeks that make up the summer basket season.  You can sign up for both egg shares and kale shares on the registration page.

Certified Organic Pork Boxes

We are proud to offer Certified Organic Pork Boxes with our memberships. You can reserve your box at the same time you register to our veggie baskets. Please select the type of box you want in the “extra options” section of the registration form. Find out more about the boxes we offer, the breed of pigs we raise and our raising methods in the “Pastured pork” section.

Details for Payment

Payment is made in advance, preferably in full at the time of registration. However, if this is not financially feasible for you we are open to many different payment schedules to keep our products accessible. Please feel free to pay, via post­dated cheques, according to the schedule mentioned below or contact us to make other arrangements. Please send all cheques upon registration, made out to ‘Ferme coopérative aux champs qui chantent’. Alternatively we can facilitate electronic transfer of funds from a Desjardins AccèsD account. Contact us and we’ll send you the information needed to make those transfer.

Recommended payment schedule: 
1st installment March 1st 33% of total
2nd installment June 15th 33% of total
3rd installment August 15th 34% of total

Thank you for your support! We are thrilled to be able to provide you and your family with good food throughout the year.

Example of summer basket: 23 septembre
Crop Unité Price Quantité
Pepper, hot Bag 2.00 0.5*
Tomatoes, cherry 600g 4.00 0.5
Chinese Cabbage Head 3.00 0.5
Beets bunched Bunch 3.00 0.5
Carrots bunched Bunch 3.00 0.5
Broccoli Head 3.00 0.5
Beans 500g 5.00 1
Eggplant Fruit 2.50 1
Kale Bunch 2.50 1
Lettuce Head 2.50 1
Cucumbers Fruit 0.75 1.5
Zucchini Fruit 0.75 1.5
Tomatoes Pound 1.00 2
  Total value   25.75
*Note: 0.5 indicates a choice