2014 Registration Agreement
CSA Fall Vegetable Basket  





How did you hear about our basket program?

This year’s fall baskets are planned for 4 drop-offs every 2 weeks starting in november.
 Pricing for CSA baskets
  Format No. of
Price per
Price for
Price plus charges*
 Fall basket 4 40$ 160$ 175$
             * includes an administration and delivery fee

Drop-off location (select one:)


Plateau Mont-­Royal
Maison de l'amitié, 120 ave Duluth E (corner de Bullion) 
Thursdays 5:00pm to ­6:30pm

Nov. 4 & 18, Dec 2 & 16

123, rue Saint-Louis (Stationnement de l'église)
Tuesdays 4:30pm to ­6:00pm
Nov. 6 & 20, Dec 4 & 18
  Bownsburg-­Chatham (on our farm)
398 route du Canton, Brownsburg-­Chatham
After 5pm Tuesdays, pick-up from the cold room.
Nov. 4 & 18, Dec 2 & 16
Payment is made in advance, preferably in full at the time of registration. If this is not
financially feasible for you, please feel free to pay, via post­dated cheque. Please send all cheques upon registration, made out to ‘Ferme coopérative aux champs qui chantent’.

Subsidized baskets
We aim to make our baskets accessible to as many people as possible. If you are able, please consider donating an additional amount to help reduce the cost of baskets for those unable to pay the full amount. We commit to putting all donations received directly towards the reduction of the basket price for those with more restricted incomes.

If you are interested in receiving a basket at a reduced price, please indicate this below. We will only be able to confirm the price reduction at the close of registration (July 1st). We work on a trust system, and require no proof of need for application.
  I would like to donate 25$ 
  I would like to donate another amount $ 
  I would like to receive a basket at a reduced price.

Compmentary farm products
We produce a variety of complementary products on our farm.  You can add a weekly 6-pack of cookies to you baskets for $5.  We also offer herbal teas and tinctures, cakes for all ocasions and seasonal meat products by special order.
Yes,  I would like to add
   6-packs of cookies to my basket 
  Yes,  I would like to add   dozen fresh farm eggs to my basket 
(add $26 for each dozen to the price of my basket)
Yes,  I would like to add
    tea blends to my basket
$6 for 40g bag or $30 for all 6, each with a different set of properties
(their names give a strong clue!): Focus, Calme, Respire, Digère, Cycle and Immunité;

  Yes,  I would like to add    small culinary herb packs to my basket
5 different herbs for $10
Yes,  I would like to add
   large culinary herb packs to my basket
different herbs for $15

  Yes,  I would like to add   salves to my basket
Our salves are small bottles of ointment made from local organic sunflower oil infused with our herbs and thickened with local beeswax. Great for massages, and as a skin moisturizer or lip balm.  100mL for $6

Ferme coopérative aux champs qui chantent
We commit to providing vegetables during a 19 ­week period from June through October. We commit to delivering prepaid baskets at the time and location agreed upon. We will do our best to provide an abundance and good diversity of high­quality organic vegetables throughout the season.

Heather Elliott, Jenna Jacobs, Elizabeth Heller

22 August, 2014


I understand and accept the following conditions:
• I will pick­up my basket each week at the drop­off point indicated on this form.
• I will pay in advance, either in full or in instalments as shown above.
• I understand that weather, pests and diseases are inherent risks in farming, and can affect harvests. I accept these risks, knowing that the contents of my basket may be affected, but that I will receive my fair share of the harvest.

I agree to the above terms

 450-562-5453         info@fermeauxchampsquichantent.com